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Projekt u-remote zdobywcą trzech nagród

Po zdobyciu nagród “iF product design award 2013” oraz “Universal design award 2013”, nasz system zdalnego wejścia/wyjścia u-remote, zdobył kolejną nagrodę “German Design Award 2014” uznającą jego innowacyjność


The panel of judges of the “German Design Award 2014” awarded the modular u-remote system the international premium prize in the “Industrial Goods and Materials” category. The prize honours top-class products that are designed with particularly well-executed features and solutions.

Design as a driver of productivity


The judges were particularly impressed by the fact that the entire product concept was strictly aligned to the needs of customers and subsequent users. The product design of u-remote is an effective key driver of wide-ranging improvements in productivity.

Two other panels of international experts have already been won over by the “u-remote” design concept. The “iF product design award 2013”
With u-remote, innovative design is the driver behind a convincing increase in productivity: the design concept combines powerful technologies with efficient processes

honoured in particular the design quality, workmanship, degree of innovation and functionality. The fact that the solution is simple and intuitive, as well as innovative and sustainable, were decisive factors for the “universal design award 2013”.

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