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Bezpieczeństwo jest najważniejsze nawet w miniaturowych maszynach

Wymagania nałożone na miniaturowe maszyny stają się coraz bardziej rygorystyczne. Muszą one być tak zwarte i wydajne, jak to możliwe, a w tym samym czasie, zapewnić bezpieczną pracę dzięki wyłącznikom bezpieczeństwa. W produkcji maszyn firmy AM2C, komponenty elektroniczne Weidmüller pozwalają na znaczną oszczędność przestrzeni.

"Small and often mobile machines are all about the compactness and the cost-efficiency, as well as the simple and secure integration of emergency stop switches. This is more true of miniature machines than it is in the electrical cabinets of large automation systems," affirms Product Manager Joachim Janik of Weidmüller.

Miniature machines are used in food processing, for example, as is the case at the premises of French machinery manufacturer AM2C, which recently came to rely on compact electronic components from Weidmüller.

Secure miniature machines in meat processing


There's no doubt about it – spicy bratwurst or crispy fried cevapcici know how to inspire meat lovers. But before the food can be enjoyed without a care in the world, the meat has to be processed properly

 Even miniature machines, for example in the meat processing industry, must meet high safety requirements

Even miniature machines, for example in the meat processing industry, must meet high safety requirements

– during which time fragments of bone or tendons are removed from the product. To do this, meat-processing companies need especially reliable machines that remove even the smallest quantities of unwanted parts. At the same time, employee safety also has to be guaranteed, so the machine can be switched off quickly using an emergency stop switch should an emergency situation arise.
AM2C based in the west of France has been making high-quality food-processing machinery since 1991. The company is now one of the leading manufacturers of machinery for mechanically separating, de-boning and desinewing meat. To guarantee that the processing machines are top-quality, AM2C is always on the look-out for process-optimising components.
 AM2C chose electronic modules from Weidmüller which are not only compact, but also equipped with sophisticated details

AM2C chose electronic modules from Weidmüller which are not only compact, but also equipped with sophisticated details

Considerable advantage in production


When Local Electronic Manager José Batista was visiting the premises, he soon realised that Weidmüller components deliver a considerable production advantage in AM2C's production machinery.

Samir Fimoud, a Weidmüller Sales Engineer, explains: "The AM2C engineers were very impressed by the compact design, which at the same time leaves enough space for sophisticated details. Directly on-site, we were able to demonstrate that our components can be perfectly integrated into the miniature machines. Our safety relays in particular were very well-received."

Taking up less space yet delivering the same performance


At Weidmüller, the trend towards ever smaller and more compact components is a fundamental part of the product development process. Mr Janik explains: "Even during the development process, we make sure that all the necessary functions can be bundled

in as small a space as possible. Especially compact designs thus grant our customers a high degree of flexibility with respect to the design of their machinery."
PRO-M-switched-mode power supplies effectively save space on the mounting rail, as they can be installed right next to other devices, for example, while the SAFESERIES safety relays guarantee an efficient and fast emergency stop switch-off even for small machines thanks to their outstanding power and compact design. To take advantage of this space saving, AM2C opted for these two products and for the TERMSERIES relay with tension-clamp connection, which now forms part of 80 miniature machines in total.

Da insbesondere viele Kleinstmaschinen manuell bedient werden, ist die Risikobewertung gemäß Maschinenrichtlinie entsprechend hoch. Hier erfüllen die Sicherheitsrelais der SAFESERIES mit ihrem Performance-Level e die höchsten Sicherheitsanforderungen.

Because many miniature machines are operated manually, the risk assessment according to the Machinery Directive is correspondingly high. In this regard, the SAFESERIES safety relays meet the most stringent safety requirements with their performance level "e". The personal protection aspect was very important to AM2C, as the meat cutting plants pose a high safety risk to employees given that they are operated manually. To minimise the risk of accidents occurring, AM2C integrated emergency stop switches
 With their performance level "e" the SAFESERIES safety relays meet the most stringent safety requirements

With their performance level "e" the SAFESERIES safety relays meet the most stringent safety requirements

that shut down the machine immediately when the cutting unit is pressed.

"Personal advice and high quality"
In addition to the outstanding product properties, AM2C was also won over by the expertise of the on-site Weidmüller employees. "Weidmüller's personal advice and high product quality give us a real competitive edge on the market."
Last but not least, the high level of trust between AM2C and Weidmüller is based on the competent Technical Support team, who played a major role in the advisory process from the very beginning. An experienced partner who never loses sight of the constantly changing safety regulations is indispensable – especially with regard to issues concerning safety-related components.