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Przegląd innowacji produktowych


The demand for ever-smaller drive regulators with increasingly high performance ratings requires complex solutions in terms of the connection systems. The major challenge here is ensuring compliance with the existing standards.

The new double-level OMNIMATE Power SVD 7.62HP male header minimises the amount of space required on the PCB, thereby creating space for other components. This extra space can be used for the integration of additional functions on the front of the device.

The two connection levels mean that the SVD 7.62HP can be used to implement complex solutions in extremely small spaces. Device widths of just 50 mm are sufficient to supply 2 motors, while still meeting the approval criteria in accordance with UL 600 V.

With servo regulators in particular, the SVD 7.62HP allows for more complexity than ever before, thanks to the two connection levels for female plugs with conventional screw connection or PUSH IN connection technology. With additional flange fastening on request, and with the option of connecting the cable shielding to the device housing.








More design flexibility for the front of the device and the PCB

The superior solution for when multiple axes need to be plugged into the device in a very small space. Despite the very compact dimensions, the cable shielding can be connected to the front of the device.



Product advantages


Solutions with screw connections

Can be implemented in combination with female plug BVZ 7.62HP. Available without extra fastening or, optionally, as a flange design – e. g. for applications in medium-voltage systems.

Solutions with PUSH IN connection

Can be implemented in combination with female plug BVF (BVFL) 7.62HP. For especially quick and easy installation without the need for tools. Available with or without flange fastening – optional with screw flange.

Optional cable shielding

The combination with the BVF 7.62HP ensures a reliable connection between the cable shielding and the device housing, thereby guaranteeing high EMC safety. The screw mount is easy to operate, and meets all requirements in the field.

The OMNIMATE Power series for versatile combination options

The new SVD 7.62HP can be combined with all BVZ 7.62HP and BVF 7.62HP female plugs in the OMNIMATE Power series.